Consultation of your health status for you and your family whenever you need it 24/7 doctor available via phone or skype
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How does it work?

There are moments, when you need to hear an opinion of a doctor about your health problem. You don’t know if you are taking medications properly, or if you were given the most appropriate treatment? You are looking for professional help for your family?
Call your 24DOCTOR.

1. kontktujte lekára

Call your doctor

Whenever, 24/7, via phone or skype

2. okamžitá konzultácia

Immediate consultation

Your problem will be solved immediately

3. Vybavíme vyšetrenie

Prior examination

Use the time effectively, we will get an appointment for you without waiting

4. Vaša spokojnosť

You will be satisfied

You save time and have taken care of the health of yourself and your family (4 persons / 149-, € / 1 year)